Advertising Conditions has between 150K and 300K page views per month. It is customer targeted at a very specific audience interested in snow and mountain sports. It is also geographically targeted, which enhances the value of advertising space.

You can sponsor a mountain peak or resort page by booking one of the three available formats or the whole page:

Advertising charges are calculated as cost per thousand impressions (CPM). CPM is less prone to click fraud, builds brand awareness and offers a direct link to your products. CPM are monitored through piwik statistics and google analytics.

The cost for the full page is 14€ per thousand impressions, which is less than 5€ per advert CPM. Individual banners can be booked at 8€ for the top banner and 5€ for the rest of the page. Minimum period is a month on a first come first served basis, but full pages take precedence over individual adverts at the end of each period.


Please contact for more information.