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meteoexploration specializes in weather forecasts for extreme and remote environments. We can run high resolution numerical weather models for any location on earth on demand. We run high resolution models regularly for the Alps, Himalayas, Antarctica, as well as other locations, providing you with an easy interface from which you can get all the information you need.

We also provide reliable wind forecasts to improve wind power management or for delicate work on exposed locations, and equip meteorologists with the data necessary for briefing pilots on their flights to Antarctica or for research in the Patagonian ice fields.

We have developed open access tools and algorithms used in solar energy, enviromental monitoring, flooding forecast or the assessment of water resources from snow.

What we offer


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Our Partners and Clients

We have partnered with Weather4expeditions for many years to provide reliable weather forecasts to expeditions in the Himalayas, Karakoram, Pamirs, Denali and many other mountain ranges in the world. We also have run high resolution WRF forecasts to assist in mountain rescue missions. We provide weather data to assist them in their production of flight briefings to pilots for flight to Antarctica.

Antarctic Logistics. We run a high resolution model of Antarctica to assists their meteorologists at Union Glacier in the production of pilot briefings and the forecasts of local conditions at Union, Vinson Massif and other areas in Antarctica.

We have been cooperating with CODELCO Andina and CECs in the monitoring of glaciers in the upper Olivares river. Tasks include remote sensing of albedo changes, snow and ice albedo estimation from oblique photographs or high resolution energy and masss balance of glaciers and snow cover.

We partner with Sneeuwhoogte to provide their customers with reliable snow forecasts in the Alps or the Pyrenees. A reliable snow forecast will help deciding the timing and location of winter activities.

For ATECA reliable wind forecasts are a valuable tool to plan maintenance and reparation tasks, optimize time allocation and deciding the best season to operate.

We provide Anglo American Chile with consulting and monitoring support to help minimimizing the environmental impact of their mining activities in the Central Andes of Chile.

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