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Advertise directly to your customers has between 150K and 300K page views per month. It is customer targeted at a very specific audience interested in meteorology, snow and mountain sports. It is also geographically targeted, which enhances the value of advertising space.

You can sponsor a mountain peak or resort page by booking the available advert slots on the page (two banners), or you can book a whole region in the maps and snowmaps sections.

Advertising charges are calculated as cost per thousand impressions (CPM). CPM is less prone to click fraud, builds brand awareness and offers a direct link to your products. CPM are monitored through Matomo statistics. The cost for the full page is 7€. Assignment is on a first come first served basis. We trust your good taste in designing the adverts but we reserve the right to refuse those that are too obstrusive or interfere with the information content of the page.

To set up your campaign, please contact us directly at or through our contact page.