Energy trading and forecasting

Energy trading and forecasting

Solar radiation

To make modelling solar radiation easier in steep terrain and rough topography, we have developed an R package to calculate insolation on tilted surfaces. It is freely available for general use and can be downloaded from:

solar rad Gr

Average monthly mean solar radiation over the Iberian Peninsula in March. Map values are given in kWh/m². Calculation takes into account direct radiation, solar path, atmospheric transmittance, diffuse radiation and shading.

An application of these algorithms is the high resolution map in the following link. You can calculate solar radiation values for any point using the solar calculator below.

Hydropower generation

Hydropower generation is a flexible energy source and a convenient storage of power. It is probably the fastest response to unexpected energy demand or supply shortages, such as when wind power is stalled.

Hydropower exploitation derives its benefit from optimising the balance between the energy costs of pumping and selecting the best time for profitable electricity generation. Therefore, knowing in advance the weather impact can be quite profitable.

Wind power

Check our Wind Power Forecast application.

windpower NW

windpower NE

windpower SW

windpower SE

Daily wind power potential on every quadrant of the Iberian Peninsula. Multiply the corresponding value by the nominal power of the wind farm to get the approximate production. Wind power is estimated every hour from a theoretical power curve with 4 m/s cut-in, 25 m/s cut-off and 14-25 m/s rated power. These are moderate resolution models, for a detailed hourly forecast with better implementation of topography effects, please contact us directly.

Wind IB

Example of wind speed forecast by the WRF-ARW model. Click on the map to access the Wind Power Forecast application.

Wind pow DE

Wind power density (W/m²) maps for Germany. Blue circles are installed plants with diameter proportional to power capacity.

Please contact us for more details and an estimation of costs.