Weather for remote regions

Weather for expeditions

We provide tailor made weather forecasts for expeditions to the Himalayas and other regions. We run a very high resolution model for the region in order to see the effect of topography in the weather patterns, something that is really crucial in high mountain areas.

The forecasts are put together in a dedicated page where everything is optimized for quick downloading time: no adverts, no unnecessary logos, etc. This site is designed for downloading at base camp with slow or limited satellite connections. We also send you direct SMS messages to your satellite phone.

melt chart

Wind speed at different levels for Dhaulagiri.

melt chart

Wind speed over the Himalayas.

SkewT diagram

WRF meteogram for Everest.

melt chart

Cordillera Blanca, Perú.

SkewT diagram

Ice coring expedition to Cerro San Valentin, Patagonia.

We have participated in many scientific and sportive expeditions ourselves, and we understand the needs and limitations of weather forecasts on the field.


You can read about some our previous involvement with expeditions to the Himalayas, Karakorum and other mountain ranges on these links:

Please contact us for more details if you need weather forecasts for expeditions.