Forecasted snow for the next days.

You may click on the map to get detailed information on any mountain or ski resort within 250 km (155 miles). The map shows precipitation as snow, whether it accumulates on the ground or melts depends on ground temperature.
To explore in detail, click on the full screen control on the upper-left corner of the map.
The layers can be changed by selecting them on the layer control, on the upper-right corner of the map.
The colour ramp legend appears on clicking the information control on the lower-right corner of the map.


Static maps

The model forecast is from the WRF-ARW model at 10 km resolution. The topography is taken from the Global Multi-resolution Terrain Elevation Data 2010 (GMTED2010) at 0.00416 degrees resolution (about 400 m, or roughly a quarter of a mile). The snow limit is calculated from the temperature at several pressure levels and the corresponding geopotential height, this together with the high resolution topography produces a realistic snowfall map. We also take into account the increasing precipitation with altitude, using well tested parameterizations.