Privacy Policy


Data Policy

We store some personal data such as email and telephone, which is requiered to deliver sms forecasts. When collecting or updating these data all information is transferred using encripted SSL protocols.

We do not share this information with third parties and we do not trade with customer data.

Credit Cards

We do not store any credit card data. We process our transactions through SaferPay, a SIX Payment Services. They have the higher standard of security required by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).


We use your email to deliver invoices and to notify you of any problems with subscriptions or respond to your queries. Other than that we do not send any unrequested emails. Simply put, we hate spam.


A cookie is a small piece of text data stored in the user's computer when visiting a web site. uses cookies to store favourite places and last visited sites. It also stores user's preferences such as language and units system and to pass the mountain or ski resort code from one module to another.

Cookies are simple text files and cannot contain viruses or malware. The cookies used by do not store personal information or user's behaviour.

You can block cookies on your browser or select blocking cookies from third parties (see your browser help and preferences on privacy). If you block all cookies you can still see the forecasts but favourites will be lost and some modules will display null values, as they do not know the code of the site you want to see.


On the open website we use third party advertisements to help maintaining the site free. These third party sites may use cookies of their own. You can get more information on how they work and your options at Your online choices site. In the case of google ads you can block specific adds by clicking "mute this ad" on the upper right corner of the ad.

We block intrusive and annoying adds, although they are sometimes elusive. You are of course free to use ad blocking software, but then we may be unable to provide free content.

Web analytics

In order to check the website performance, trends and visitor interest we use analytic software from google analytics and piwik. These softare log anonimized visits. They collect IP addresses but the information does not allow identifyng individual users.