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This tool calculates the meteorological conditions along a route defined by the user.

On opening the page an example route is uploaded. When hovering the mouse along the route a graph appears displaying the meteorological conditions at this point over the next 48 hours. The graph can be closed by clicking on the ‘x’ in the top right hand corner. When the mouse is hovered over the map the coordinates appear in a box in the left hand corner.

Under the map there is a graph with the meteorological conditions at each point on the route. When the mouse is hovered over the graph is gives the values for each variable and a marker shows the point on the route. The distance indicated in kilometres, is that of the route chosen/displayed. Route distance and raod distabce may disagree, as the route is estimated with a reduced number of points that are consistent with the resolution of the meteorological model. The time of the forecast can be changed using the ‘date – time’ selector in the lower right corner of the map.

To create a new route please select two points on the map by clicking on them. If there is a road that joins these two points it will appear drawn out in blue. The coordinates of the initial points appear in the fields ‘A’ and ‘B’ of the directions selector at the top left corner. Image

If the route does not correspond with a road or path already stored on the topology, the user can create it by clicking on each point at which a forecast would be wanted. To do this, first select “Draw line points” from the panel to the left of the map Imagen , activate the icon to draw the line at the top left Imagen and click on each point along the route. It is possible to move the map by clicking and dragging, and zoom in and out (using the mouse wheel or the zoom button), without this generating extra points or affecting the route selection. To finish the route simply double-click on the last point. The selected route can be deleted at any time by clicking on the bin icon. Please be sure to give a new name to each new route so as to not overwrite pre-existing ones. “LagBarroso”, in “Available routes”, is an example of a route created using this method.

All the routes older than 24 hours will be deleted unless the “Process always” box is selected. In this case it will be updated with every new model output.




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